Criminal Law

Criminal Law in Ely MN - Defenbaugh Law Office - Photo: sean hobson/Flickr/Creative Commons License If you've been arrested and accused of a crime, you need a good criminal defense attorney to protect your rights. The criminal justice system can be a frightening experience; depending on the severity of the offense, being found guilty can result in jail time, restitution, fines, probation, community service or the loss of driving privileges. DWI conviction, for example, can result in the loss of the car's license plate, your driver's license, and even forfeiture of the vehicle your were driving, whether a car, boat, snowmobile, or ATV.

Defenbaugh Law Office belives their obligation is always to the client, both in protecting them from an illegal conviction and aggressively pursuing the truth. We can work with the police and prosecutors to make sure you aren’t charged with any crime the facts don't support, and work, where possible, to get charges reduced or even dropped. We can also negotiate for minimal and alternative sentencing, if a conviction can't be avoided. With 25+ years of experience, Rae R. Bentz can help with all your criminal defense needs, including but not limited to:

  • ✓  DWI/DUI
  • ✓  Other Traffic Violations
  • ✓  Drug Crimes
  • ✓  Fraud/Theft/Financial Crimes
  • ✓  Domestic Assaults
  • ✓  Wildlife Offenses (Angling or Hunting without a license, taking an animal out of season, exceeding a bag limit, etc.)

Defenbaugh Law Office is a full-service law firm with numerous areas of practice to serve your needs. We handle cases in the areas of estate planning and probate, family law, civil litigation, personal injury and wrongful death, real estate, and criminal law.

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