Probate in Ely MN - Defenbaugh Law OfficeIf you have lost a loved one, probate is the process that gives recognition to a will, appoints the person who will administer the estate and distribute assets to the beneficiaries. The probate process includes notifying creditors and publishing legal notices, guiding executors on how and when to distribute assets and how to take creditors' rights into account, determining estate taxes/gift taxes/inheritance taxes, and more. Having a will doesn't avoid probate, and the need for probate depends on the property you own and if you own it alone or with other people. Defenbaugh Law Office can help with all your probate needs, including but not limited to:

  • ✓  Probate Administration
  • ✓  Trust Administration
  • ✓  Conservatorships
  • ✓  Guardianships
  • ✓  Probate and Trust Litigation

Defenbaugh Law Office is a full-service law firm with numerous areas of practice to serve your needs. We handle cases in the areas of estate planning and probate, family law, civil litigation, personal injury and wrongful death, real estate, and criminal law.

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